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Say goodbye to endless email threads, unorganized revision notes, and late payments.

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Filepass Makes Inbox Zero A Breeze

 Spend less time in your inbox and more time doing what you love

We combine file-sharing with project collaboration

Send your designs through Filepass and your clients can easily leave pinpoint comments from any device. No apps to download or accounts to create. It's completely frictionless. 

Protect your hard work with the Filepass Paywall

You can lock any files behind our Paywall. As soon as your client pays, their download unlocks. Perfect for sending final files to your clients. 

How Filepass Works

Filepass streamlines the entire collaboration and payment process so you and your clients can go from "version 1" to "done" without breaking a sweat.

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    Send clients a direct link to their files

    Just send one link, and your clients can access their files any time, on any device, without the need to remember usernames and passwords.

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    Your clients leave pinpoint feedback

    Simplify the feedback process for your clients by allowing them to place pinpoint comments directly on your designs.

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    Your client's feedback turns into a to-do checklist

    Our revision checklist allows you to keep track of all of the revisions you have and haven’t done, so nothing slips through the cracks.

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    Your client pays and their download unlocks

    As soon as they pay, they’re able to instantly download their files.

    Your clients can pay in one of our many supported currencies using debit cards, credit cards, or PayPal.

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Features Built For Freelance Designers

Whether you're doing web design, branding, or illustration, Filepass helps you keep projects and payments organized. 

  • Secure Download Paywall

    Send secure links to clients where they can view watermarked designs, add feedback, and collaborate. They can automatically "unlock" their download by paying their remaining balance right from Filepass.

  • Pinpoint comments

    Your clients can leave pinpoint comments directly on top of your designs. No more endless email threads with long blocks of text.

  • Comments Turn Into To-Do's

    Your client's feedback turns into a checklist that helps you stay on top of any changes you need to make. Nothing will ever slip through the cracks again.

  • Centralized Client Feedback

    All feedback from all clients are in one central location. No more hunting through email threads, text messages, and DMs from multiple clients.

  • Custom Branding

    Replace the Filepass logo with your own logo for increased professionalism, perceived value, and trust. This will show up on any Filepass page your client views. You can also upload your own custom watermark to protect your files.

  • Frictionless Client Experience

    Your clients can view their Filepass projects and leave their feedback without needing their own account. All they need is a link to their project.

  • Links & Files That Never Expire

    Your files will be accessible by you and your clients until you decide to delete the file or project. You'll never have to deal with expiring files again.

  • As much storage as you need

    Filepass starts you off with 250 GB of cloud storage. From there, you can add on as much storage as you need, 250 GB at a time.

  • Automatic Watermarks

    Use the Filepass logo or upload your own custom watermark. It will be automatically added to any project using the Filepass Paywall.

Created For Unique Needs of Freelance Designers

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