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Stream lossless WAV files, collect time-stamped revisions, and protect your files with a paywall.

Filepass Puts An End To "Revision Hell"

When multiple people are giving their feedback on an audio project, it’s easy for things to pile up and slip through the cracks.

Audio Collaboration Takes a Lot of Tools

Whether it’s Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, Email, text messages, social media, Trello, Google Docs, spreadsheets, PayPal, or Venmo – audio pros need a lot of tools to get from “version 1” to “done.”

Those tools weren’t built specifically for audio collaboration

Even if you piece together different tools, it’s still a cumbersome process to send files, gather revisions, and keep your clients happy while you’re collaborating on the final steps in the process. 

This Issue Is Costing You A Fortune

One unhappy client could cost you tens-of-thousands of dollars. Not only do you lose the repeat business of that client, you also lose all of the referral clients they would have sent to you and all of the repeat/referral work those clients would have provided.

How Filepass Works

Filepass streamlines the entire collaboration process so you and your clients can go from “version 1” to “version 7.8 vocals up final v2_done.wav” …without breaking a sweat.

1. Send clients a direct link to their music.

Just send one link, and your clients can listen any time, on any device, without the need to remember usernames and passwords.

2. Your clients leave time-stamped comments

Simplify the revision process for your clients by allowing them to place time-stamped comments as they’re listening to the song. 

3. Mark each comment as “done.”

Our revision checklist allows you to keep track of all of the revisions you have and haven’t done, so nothing slips through the cracks.

4. Your client pays and downloads their songs.

You have the option to put downloads behind a paywall. As soon as they pay, they’re able to instantly download their files.

Created for audio professionals by audio professionals.

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